Halloween is right around the corner! It'll be time to carve that pumpkin soon - so we found some AWESOME carving ideas with '80s themes.

Pumpkin carved into Beetlejuice

Darth Vader Pumpkin Carving  Pac-Man Pumpkin Carving  Predator Pumpkin Carve Out
L-R: Star Wars' Darth Vader, Pac-man, The Predator

Chucky from Child's Play Pumpkin Carving  Michael Jackson in Thriller Pumpkin Carving  Freddy Krueger Pumpkin Carving
L-R: Child Play's Chucky, Michael Jackson in Thriller, A Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger

The Little Mermaid Pumpkin Carve In  Labyrith Goblin King Pumpkin Carving  The Smurfs Pumpkin Carving
L-R: The Little Mermaid, Labyrinth's Goblin King, The Smurfs

Those were some really RAD ideas and ways to carve your next pumpkin.