Recently, we have made some major updates to our website for all of our fans and '80s lovers alike to enjoy. The best part is - we're not done yet!

Site Stats

We are also pleased to introduce Site Stats on our "About" page. You can see how many people are surfing our site with you, how many listeners are tuned in to '80s Mixed and view a global map of listener locations. Don’t worry - no personal information is displayed because we don't collect any. Feel better?

Server Change

For over a year now the '80s Mixed website was nice looking but was loading slower than molasses in January. That's pretty slow. Our new server environment allowed us to bring the databases for module and article data (kind of like the one you're reading right now) in-house.

Server Change

Hey, it made us happy that users will no longer have to wait for the site to load. Now - the site waits on you (as it should).